Matching circuit design – Powerful, Easy, Accurate - and FREE!

Atyune is a powerful application specifically created to facilitate the design of impedance matching circuits for Radio Frequency (RF) devices and antennas.


With Atyune it is possible to greatly speed up the antenna and RF design process: no need to create projects, set up variables, layouts or other time consuming operations; it can literally take less than one minute from starting the software to the final circuit.


Based on many years of experience on both theoretical development and practical implementations, Atyune is a great tool to have on the working bench, as well as in the office to perform thorough analysis of RF circuits and antenna performance. 


Atyune powerful and easy to use interface suits lab technicians with little or no RF experience, as well as highly skilled senior engineers.


Atyune offers wide range of innovative features and tools to simplify tasks commonly performed when designing matching circuits or handling S-parameters files. For instance, the built-in “Archive” allows safe storing of all the S-parameters files and then easily retrieving them; the archive can be shared between many users at laboratory or company level.


Go to the download page to get the fully functional, free version of Atyune.

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