21 January 2024

Released Atyune v2.5.2: Added free driver for NanoVNA! Go to downloading.


27 May 2023

Released Atyune v2.5.0: Added new cool feature to perform Time Domain Analysis on S-parameters! Go to downloading.


16 October 2022

Released Atyune v2.2.4: Extended free license to May 31st, 2023. Go to downloading.


19 February 2022

Released Atyune v2.2.3: Extended free license to October 30th, 2022 and some minor bug fixing and improvements. Go to downloading.


17 October 2021

Würth Inductors: the WE-MK (Multilayer Ceramic) and WE-KI (Wire Wound Ceramic) Inductor series from Würth have been added to the libraries (extended version only).


01 August 2021

Released Atyune v2.2.2: Bug fixing release: fixed bugs regarding size approximation, port extension when termination is a short, and impedance plots when port impedance is defined by a file and is complex. Go to downloading.


21 February 2021


Released Atyune v2.2.0: Added new feature: Auto Port Extension can be added to DUT, useful for old VNA that don't have that feature. Also some other minor iimprovements and free license extended till February 28th, 2021. Go to downloading.



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